Monday, July 12, 2010

The bell, that once rang out so loud and clear,
is cracked and silent; still we gather 'round,
for thund'rous is the hush we've come to hear
and wakens echoes that do still resound,
if only in our hearts, of liberty.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I lay me down to sleep tonight, and deep
regret and mourning fill my weary soul
with longing for the watch I cannot keep;
I taste the merest part of my life's whole.

Oblivion's brink looms near; I pause in fear.
It matters not if be a blank abyss,
or if be dreams whose course I cannot steer;
Each night, though dim, reflects death's somber kiss.

Yet sleep I must, if in the morn I'd rise,
and wide awake, with newly opened eyes,
would watch the rosy dawn spread o'er the skies.
My heart awaits the answer to it's cries

when wakened by the trumpet and made whole,
I'll rise as light of morning fills my soul.