Monday, January 7, 2013


'melting' photo (c) 2009, liz west - license:
It's a strange and surprising sensation, but this year I feel as though Epiphany is almost better than Christmas. I will spend my whole life trying to slowly unwrap the deep and mysterious gift of the incarnation, but the gift of Epiphany is ours to enjoy now.

The gift of Epiphany is that all the gifts of Christmas are for us. Us!

The gift of Epiphany is the gift of grace. Not just for the special people, but for whosever-will-may-come. Not just for shepherds and angels, but for astrologers and tax collectors, and even pharisees like Nicodemus and St. Paul. Even for me.

In the dead of winter, Christmas candles glowed bright with the promise of redemption. Now the ground begins to soften and thaw beneath the sun. It is still cold, but spring is coming, and I feel its nearness more each day.

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