Monday, March 6, 2017

We are watching the Cosby show, right now.

It is so, SO good.

I watch soberly now, and we talk about it. We talk about the good, and we talk about how everything isn't always as it seems. But we keep watching, because as a family it's so important to learn how to drive each other crazy, love each other anyway, and laugh about it all.

We watch the ads, too, because it's important to learn how to think well about them. We laugh at the audacity of the accelerating heart beat in the background of the refinancing ad. The manipulation isn't really funny, but laughter helps us stay steady in our own bio-rhythms. Polyrhythms are fun, but you have to pay attention.

Ad-watching has become more interesting since I've started selling Young Living. The air freshener ads are downright terrifying when you spend all day talking and writing about the effects of fragrances. 

Cancer in a jar, 50% off. Your guests will be so impressed.

(And here I go with the fear. It's unavoidable: there be dragons. Breathe slow and deep, lean into the poly-rhythms. Laughter helps so much.)

Just now there was an ad for a very scientific skin-care product, and mercifully, this one was trying to be funny. The skin cream promised to solve some teen problems, but not others, because, hahahaha, that would be ridiculous. We are all on guard, and we know better than to expect too much.

I used that stuff back in the day. It didn't do much except dry out my skin. I'm sure it's helped some people, but good nutrition does a better job for me.  And good nutrition also happens to address all those other issues too, helping with mood and and focus and friendships as well.

The gifts of God are too good to be true. What is there for us to do but to join with Sarah in her gladness, and laugh?

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