Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You shall call his name... Joshua

The other night, Andrew asked Willie what Bible story he wanted to hear.

He wanted to hear the story of Lyle.

You know, the friendly Viking.

Because surely any story from Veggie Tales must be in the Bible somewhere...

In the end, Will decided he would settle for the story of Joshua and the battle at Jericho. Daddy sent one older sibling to go find an ESV, and I sent another one downstairs to bring me my Septuagint, so I could take advantage of the language learning opportunity.

It took several kids several tries to find it--it was camouflaged among the encyclopaedia volumes--but eventually we were all settled in. Andrew began to read as I flipped through to the book of...

Iesus Naue.

Jesus of Nun.

On some level, I'd known that Jesus and Joshua meant the same thing, were transliterations of the same name. But it still felt bizarre to read this familiar story, now with the main character bearing the exact name of Christ.

In our English Bibles, the name Iesus shows up for the first time with the announcement of the angel Gabriel, but that's really just a fluke of translation history, evidence that in the Old Testament, we transliterate Hebrew names directly, whereas in the New Testament we Anglicize their Greek transliterations. It certainly wasn't the first time this name showed up in the Bibles of the Gospel writers.

He was to bear the name of the one who came after Moses. The one God raised up to do what Moses couldn't do, and lead them into the promise.

Law came through Moses, but grace and truth through Joshua, the messiah.

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